The First Visit

Ok, you are thinking of going to therapy.  Sounds great!  That tells me that you want to better yourself (and your relationships and/or family) and make some life changes.  This is often a nerve racking experience, but you will get through it just fine.  :)

Be sure to use the online scheduler to take care of all of your appointment needs.  Ask me about making a login to make this process more convenient.

First visits with Office, Phone, or Video Conference are all similar:

My office is located in the Saw Mill Professional Suites at the end of the hall on the top floor.  Once you arrive, there will be about 10 minutes worth of paperwork (maybe 20 minutes if you are a thorough reader) that is in the 3 ring binder in the waiting room on wall nearest the exit.  You can speed the process by downloading the paperwork.

Sessions are 45 minutes.  The first session is a mental health assessment.  This is where I will ask many questions and listen to your concerns.  I must ask many questions about your life, even if they are uncomfortable and difficult to discuss.  It is important for me to hear your concerns and to get background information so I can better understand your life.  I will also be looking for any additional problems, such as anger management, stress management and anxiety issues, or relationship problems.  If there is a relationship problem, we may do couples therapy or marriage counseling if that seems appropriate and you would like to do so.  Remember, I ask a lot of questions and some clients are even offended.  It is my intent to get to know you so I can learn your entire story.  If you are uncomfortable, let me know.

Remember, the assessment is all about getting to know you so I can do my best to help you.  It also allows you to get an idea about how I work.  Maybe you will want to work with me, or maybe you would rather have a referral for another therapist.

The second visit is where the change process begins.  You will create goals to work toward and I will help you to get where you want to be.  Therapy is usually weekly and it tapers off as life gets better.  Do be patient because a person usually does not see a change in the first few sessions.

Remember, if you cannot keep your appointment, I need at least two business day's notice.  My other clients are hurt significantly when someone cancels with little notice.  I certainly do not want to charge you the late cancellation fee.