Holistic Therapy

Talk therapy does a great job of addressing the psychological side of a human being, but is limited because it includes very little focus on the body. It is for this reason that I strongly recommend my clients find physical means, such as Yoga, to help reduce stress, anxiety, and depression, as well as learn ways to better your health.

I am partnering with Jerri Painter, MSW, certified yoga instructor and founder of Pink Lotus Yoga Studio. Below, she discusses how she can help:

Welcome to Pink Lotus, a private yoga studio led by Jerri Painter, MSW and certified yoga instructor. Our main objective is to help you create a unique yoga practice based on your individual needs and personal goals. We know that change is life’s one constant and believe that yoga’s blend of breath and movement can be a powerful resource in navigating those changes. Whether facing major life events or daily activities yoga can help provide energy, focus, and balance. We embrace the belief that yoga is not just a practice, but a way of life that allows us to enjoy each day fully. To ensure our ability to provide personalized guidance of your yoga practice, Pink Lotus focuses on individualized instruction. Small group sessions are available in our studio (for groups of six or less) and off-site instruction is also available.

We are trained to instruct a variety of practices and this broad knowledge allows us to guide your practice in a fluid manner–changing focus as your needs may change from session to session. We offer practices for all levels and are trained to provide hot yoga, yoga for seniors, pre- and post-natal yoga, restorative yoga, and yoga for 12-Step recovery. We also offer chakra balancing, breathing techniques, and meditation sessions.

Letting go of judgment and competition against yourself and others, we invite you to take a deep breath, set your intention, and practice with us.

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