In the Media

I'm a regular on the Tim Ridley Show (SiriusXM CH 128) where I talk about managing stress, anger, and relationships. I enjoy taking calls live on air and helping to guide those callers through their difficult struggles.  These segments are aimed specifically for my truck driver clients ( who face special challenges because they are away from home for such long periods of time.



I'm a regular guest who speaks from a therapist’s perspective on Dr. Will Miller’s podcast, Dr. Will’s Neighborhood.

I met Dr. Will Miller a few months ago when he joined me on the Board of Mental Health America.  You may recognize him as a regular on The Bob and Tom Show.  According to his website, “He is a recognized expert in the area of stress & coping, interpersonal relationships, organizational health and workplace culture. A therapist and teacher at Purdue University, he lectures at the schools of Organizational Leadership, Management and Mass Communication on the social environment of the workplace and the impact on productivity.”


It is quite exciting to discuss relevant therapy and mental health topics.  To keep things interesting, you can submit a question (anonymously) and we may discuss it on air and give you an answer on an upcoming podcast.



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