I understand that your privacy is one of the most important things. If you don't feel that what you say is private, how will you be able to talk about it?

As a Therapist, I am required to keep your information and content of the sessions private (in compliance with HIPAA). This means that I cannot tell anyone any information about you or what you have said. This holds true for both therapy in my office and online coaching.

Maximize YOUR privacy with self-pay.

Full notice of privacy practices

I am required to disclose information in these instances:

  • You are planning to kill yourself and I think you will really do it
  • You are planning to kill someone else
  • You are abusing a child
  • You are a child and you are being abused
  • You become involved in a lawsuit and the judge orders me to release your information
  • You use insurance, instead of self pay. (I must submit a diagnosis and other information about you, which goes into a database and will become part of your medical record.)



Your appointment time has been specially set aside for you. If you need to reschedule, please give at least two business days notice to avoid a cancellation fee. I ask for advanced notice because the time set aside by you cannot be used by someone on the waiting list when little or no notice is given. This applies to phone, Skype, and office clients.

Late Cancellation / No Show fee: $120

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