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Anger Iceberg
Anger is what we all see. When someone is angry, it is obvious by the look in the person's eyes, the clinched fists, sweat on the brow, and loud voice...if not more. What is causing that anger? This handout looks at the feelings that cause a person to be angry. Once those feelings are identified, anger often dissipates.

Anger Log
This log is great for monitoring your anger to see if your anger is improving or perhaps if you even have an anger problem. Track your anger for a week and you might be surprised about what you find!

Angry Thinking
There are many ways of thinking that do not serve us. It is human to have some angry thinking. However, when these thinking errors cause anger on a regular basis, then its time to take a look at what needs to change.

Angry Behaviors
Of course your thoughts can make you angry, but your behaviors can also cause anger. Most people don't think about this one.

Anger Self Talk
When we are angry, it is very easy to get carried away and say all kinds of cruel and absurd things to ourselves (and others!). One of the most effective ways to decrease anger is to cut out those bad things we say to ourselves and change our point of view.

Anger is not the Main Emotion
Believe it or not, anger comes from some other emotion. Anger is the emotion that is most easily seen and felt. However, if you ask yourself what feeling you had right before you got angry, you will probably be surprised to realize there is at least one other emotion.

Anger Pros and Cons
There are good and bad things about anger. If there was nothing good about anger, then nobody would chose to continue to be angry. Fill in the list of pros and cons for anger and you make the decision if you want to be angry or calm.

Anger Can be Healthy
Think of anger as a ball of energy that can be helpful and harmful. It depends on how you use it. It takes little creativity to use anger to swear, become violent and really make a clown of one?s self. However, it takes a lot of creativity and control to direct one?s anger energy toward something productive.

Best Practice
This is an article I wrote concerning the best practice for anger management.


Coping Statements
I should not be this anxious. Everybody is looking at me. Oh no, my anxiety is going to get out of control!! These are all examples of how you can cause your own anxiety. This handout is a list of things you can tell yourself to keep your anxiety from getting out of hand.

Autogenic (self hypnosis) Training
People are often suspicious of self hypnosis. This is a fantastic relaxation technique and you don't even need to stare at a swinging pocket watch! Give this one a try, especially when you are trying to go to sleep.

Guided Imagery
Here is another fantastic relaxation technique to try when you are able to take a brief break from a stressful situation or when you are trying to go to sleep.

CBT Hook
A common statement I hear is, "I don't know where my panic attacks come from!!" There is always a cause to panic and anxiety--You just might not realize it. Take a look at this handout to see how there is a long chain of events before an actual panic attack sets in.

Couples Therapy

Seven deadly and caring habits
Trying to change someone else is probably the worst thing you can do. It is even worse if you use force or threats in order to get your point across. You are only in control of yourself. Take a look at this handout that is based on Choice Theory. How many deadly habits do you use on a daily basis?

Domestic Violence
Are you in an abusive relationship or trying to figure out if you are? Take a look at this handout which shows different ways an abuser will use power and control to psychologically and/or physically abuse their partner. No one deserves to be treated this way.


Rules for being human
Here are a few rules for being human.

Thinking Errors I
Thinking Errors II
This is a list of thinking errors that are common among people. Take a look at these thinking errors and see if you have any ways of thinking that could be adjusted.


Mental Health at

I send many of my clients to for information about mental health, counseling, therapy, and psychology.  The website provides quality information.

Keeping Women And Those They Love Safe℠
A training and education firm specializing in seminars and workshops on personal safety and personal empowerment.  To that end IM-SAFE offers a comprehensive range of  realistic and easy to remember approaches that not only empower employees but also focus attendees on the critical ways to de-escalate or avoid potentially threatening or dangerous situations. Should additional options be necessary, students can also learn how to use highly effective techniques to end an encounter. 
A confidential on-line community for women who have been impacted (directly or indirectly by abuse). The mission of the Forum is the empowerment of women. It is sponsored by The IM-SAFE Institute, a 501(c) 3 non-profit corporation dedicated to the mission of Keeping Women And Those They Love Safe℠ To join the forum only requires the completion of a short questionnaire

The Psychology of Phobias

Community Cancer Network
The Community Cancer Network, Inc. offers encouragement, comfort and support to individuals being treated for cancer.

Mental Help

Mental Health America Tippecanoe County, Indiana

Lafayette Crisis Center Suicide hotline and information/referral

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