About Buck

Why did I become a Therapist? I found that I am always talking with and helping others, which I really enjoy. Since late elementary school, I envisioned working in private practice. I often have a great deal of fun with my work and I certainly hope my clients end up having as much fun as I do!

In my practice, I enjoy helping with couples counseling, sex therapy, sex addiction counseling and anger management, as well as stress management. I teach a lot of coping skills, communication skills, and help people change their thinking and behaviors.

Teletherapy Benefits

Online counseling is now 100% of my services and the good news is that I have 20 years experience! I started out with phone and then I added video when it became more mainstream and higher quality. Teletherapy is working out really well. Most of my clients really enjoy the convenience. I have noticed a significant improvement with video/audio quality since the beginning of the pandemic as people are getting better devices and internet. If you are worried about the quality, I would urge you to give online therapy a try and use your newest mobile device while you make sure you are close to your wifi router. Old devices and weak wifi seem to be the most common problems with our online therapy sessions. Remember, if the connection fails, then we can just use the phone. 

I was introduced to the world of teletherapy by helping people over the phone at the Crisis Center in Lafayette Indiana, where I volunteered for over 500 hours. Since I have been working in this realm for 20 years, I am very comfortable with it and prefer it due to the flexibility it offers.

Medication vs. Counseling

Education and Experience

My educational background includes a Master’s degree in Social Work (MSW) from Indiana University in 2005. I earned my Bachelor’s degree from Purdue University in 2003 (West Lafayette, Indiana campus).  I double majored in Psychology and Sociology and minored in Computer Technology. In addition, I’ve received training on a variety of therapy and mental health subjects including anger management, anxiety and stress management, couples counseling, financial counseling, and various types of sex therapy. I continue to learn more about counseling and therapy by participating in mental health workshops, as well as reading and lecturing about topics related to counseling and online therapy. As you can see, I have a passion for mental health!

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Buck’s Therapy and Mental Health Licenses / Certifications

Licensed Clinical Social Worker (LCSW) License Number (Indiana): 34005584A [Verify]

               Telehealth Certifications (Indiana): TH0002041 and TH0002042 [Verify]

Licensed Clinical Addictions Counselor (LCAC) (Indiana): 87000233A [Verify]

CFSW — Certified Financial Social Work Counselor

Certified Sex Therapist, AASECT (CST) [Verify]

On the personal side, I grew up in the Lafayette, Indiana area and have spent the majority of my life here. When I’m not seeing clients, I can usually be found at local festivals and traveling for work and fun. My wife and I enjoy international travel and we are working toward all seven continents.  We have three left! We also have just a few states left before we reach all 50.