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Couples Therapy as a First Resort

Couples often hurt…they have arguments that seem to last forever…maybe each argument reverts back to those old hurts that occurred months or even years ago. Many couples can relate to these arguments that never end and never resolve anything. Actually, these types of arguments usually just make the couple grow further and further apart.

Should you only change the oil in your car when the engine is about to lock up? Should you only go to the dentist when you fear you are about to get dentures? Why is it that couples often wait until they are on the brink of divorce to come to couples counseling? Don’t get me wrong, its great that there are many couples out there seeking help. It makes life so much harder on the couple (as well as the therapist) when the couple wants to address years of arguing and fighting in just a few sessions.

Couples really need to think about entering counseling as more of a preventative measure or “tune up,” instead of using it as a last resort. The cost of couples therapy is not cheap and it continues to get more and more expensive when it is used as the very last resort. My motivation to write this article is to help couples save time, money, and most importantly, heartache. Actually, if couples came to therapy sooner, I would have less business because visits would be much shorter, but my job would be much easier! 🙂