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Family Therapy

Depending on the situation, family therapy is often one of the more helpful options. Think about this: We are all impacted by those around us. This means that we are all part of a system. If one person goes to therapy and changes, but the other family members (system) do not change, then how can we expect lasting results?

I encourage all of my clients to bring friends and family members to therapy. This will help to improve the environment for all. This also provides an opportunity for another person’s opinion and perspective to be brought into the room, which may shed new light on problems that are being worked on and point out progress that has been made.

Family therapy can be as simple as bringing one family member or bringing your entire household. I recognize that a person is not always comfortable discussing everything in front of their family members. That is why I often do some individual sessions as a chance to allow the client some privacy.

Family therapy is most helpful for:

  • Family communication problems
  • Children with behavior problems
  • A person who wants additional support in therapy
  • A person who needs therapy, but will not come alone