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Frequently Asked Questions for Counseling and Therapy

What is therapy all about?

Therapy is about working though the problems you may be having. We all have problems and many of us need therapy to deal with them.  There are many techniques that can easily be taught to help one cope with or even overcome depression, anxiety, anger, and sex and relationship therapy.

I don't want to or am unable to come see a counselor, can you help me?

Yes! Online therapy is very helpful for most people.

Are you the same as a psychiatrist?

No. I am a Therapist with a Social Work degree (MSW). I focus on behaviors, emotions, and choices. This includes my specialties of depression, anxiety, anger, and sex and relationship therapy. A psychiatrist prescribes medication and rarely does psychotherapy.

Who needs therapy?

If you are human, you have problems. Therapy can help with self development. People do not have to be "mentally ill" in order to benefit from therapy or counseling. A wide range of issues can be addressed. I tend to work best with people who are struggling with the feelings of anger, anxiety, depression, sex and relationship concerns or sexual dysfunction.

How long does counseling take?

The length of therapy depends on the person. Many people see substantial benefit in less than twelve sessions. 

What kind of people enter into therapy?

Humans!  :)

What makes you qualified to be my therapist?

I have worked with the majority of populations, including people with severe mental illness, behavioral problems, questions about their sexual identity, substance abuse, sexual offending, suicidal and homicidal thoughts, as well as people with psychosis. My work in community mental health gave me a wide range of experience.

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