Why am I so angry?
My wife is threatening to leave because of my anger.
I’ve got road rage!!
I might get fired because of my temper.

Anger: A Natural Emotion

Everyone has anger. In fact, anger helps us to survive and can be a useful tool. However, when there are lost relationships, guilt, destruction of property, or trouble with the law as a result of anger, things have gone too far. If you can relate to any of these problems, or fear they will happen to you, keep reading about my anger management program.

What is Anger Management?

My Anger Management program is evidenced based. This means that it is based on a program that has been studied and has been shown to be effective for many clients. This program has both education (teaching anger management techniques) and therapy (finding the root of anger and addressing it directly).

Most people find themselves improving significantly by the sixth session. However, this strongly depends on your motivation and the amount of work done between our talks. It is very important to find the correct combination of education and therapy, so I cannot give an exact number of times a person would need to meet with me. Think of this as a “custom package.”


  • Reasons for having anger
  • Anger reduction strategies
  • How to have better relationships
  • Ways to reduce stress
  • How to make anger work for you

Client Population

Anyone who is tired of being angry, wants to get along with their loved ones, friends, and people at the workplace.

This is therapy that is aimed at helping the client understand why he or she is having angry feelings and has an education component.

What Anger Management is Not

This program is not simply education. Its emphasis on therapy provides an evidenced based model that often provides much more benefit compared to education alone.

If the primary problem is domestic violence and substance abuse, the client will be referred to appropriate programs.