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I Can’t…

One of the things that really gets me is when a person spends several minutes telling me why he or she cannot do something. Think about it…how many people do you know who spend so much of their time and energy telling you why they can’t do something? I bet you can think of a few.

Here is a thought…instead of telling people why you cannot do something, tell people what you are wanting to do. When you spend all of that time and energy explaining why you cannot do something or why something won’t work, you are left with very little time and energy to actually accomplish something! You have a limited time and energy–why waste it on discussing why you can’t do something.

You have to make things happen by talking about what you are going to do. I have never seen anyone get anywhere by complaining about what they don’t have. Remember, “If there is no wind, ROW”– a Latin proverb.