Online coaching is different from counseling or therapy because it is not face to face and cannot provide that high level of care. However, online coaching is great for those who have questions or want to learn how to manage anger, anxiety, depression, or learn how to have a better relationship.

Online coaching can be done via email, chat, webcam, or telephone. Any of these methods can be a great alternative to an office visit. The benefits include working around your schedule by utilizing sessions of an evening and late night. There is also increased privacy as a result of not having to come to a clinic and be seen by others. Online coaching is also very beneficial for people who are not yet ready to come to therapy or are unable to do so because of their busy schedule or a disability. The cost of online coaching is significantly less than that of a traditional therapy session because of lowered rates and the amount of travel time that is saved.

Online coaching is a fantastic way to see if you like what I have to offer. If you like what you get, you might want to come in for a face to face session. If you don’t like how things are working out, then I can provide you with another therapist who could be of help.

You might be wondering about long distance charges. I will call you if you live in the US or Canada. If you have an ATT cell phone, I will use my ATT phone to call you so that it does not count against your anytime minutes.