A lot of people are very nervous about their first visit to a therapist. Whether this is their first time in therapy or if this is the first visit to a new therapist, it can be very nerve-racking!

I urge every person who is thinking of becoming a client to call their therapist before the first visit. If that therapist will not return their call, then the therapist probably does not have time for you. By talking with the therapist over the phone, you will be able to walk into that session with a little bit of an idea about them and will know what to expect.

It may take some pressure off to realize that a first visit is a time for both client and therapist to get to know one another. There are no obligations at this point. If you like the therapist, then you can schedule a therapy appointment. If you do not care for the therapist, then you can let the therapist know that you do not feel it will be a good match and keep looking for someone who you think will be able to help you.

Doing anything the first time is often uncomfortable and difficult. Usually, with time, things get much easier. Be brave and make that first visit. Remember that it is your choice if you continue in therapy.