Skype is a unique way to provide therapy services for many different reasons. Just think about the ease of having a therapy session without leaving the house. It also increases privacy because you know no one will see you in a waiting room or walking into a clinic. It is also important to mention that you save time and travel expenses.

Skype allows for both the client and therapist to see and hear one another via the internet. Although face to face therapy is usually the most beneficial, Skype is a great alternative due to its flexibility and (usually) high quality of voice and video. I prefer a skype call over a telephone call because it really does sound much more clear!

Many people are often leery of a Skype session and would rather make office visits. I invite you to talk with me for a free 15 minute mini-session to see how you like it.

Anger management, stress management, sexuality issues and even couples therapy are all great topics for Skype therapy.