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Summertime and Mental Health

Sunlight affects a person’s mental health.  With the lack of sunlight, usually starting in November, people often begin to feel more depressed.  The summertime usually has the opposite effect and allows for much more happiness and energy.

During the feelings of a carefree summer, are you taking care of your mental health?  Yes, it is much easier to focus on the positives.  However, it is also much more likely to slip out of your routine and go back to old habits.  What is it that keeps you on track?  What are the signs of slipping into a depression.

Remember, there are plenty of people who have a recurrence of depression, in spite of these long warm summer days.  What kind of summertime activities can be carried over to winter time?  How can you bottle some of the positives of the summer in order to carry it over to those dreary winter days?

Just a reminder to be safe in the sun. Wear your sunglasses, hats, and sunscreen daily to avoid skin damage and skin cancer.  Unfortunately, excessive sun does not make you excessively happy!