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Thank you Warren Buffett

I recently wrote this thank you letter to Warren Buffett.  His great role modeling is what compelled me to write my first letter to a celebrity. He has some great talks on youtube.

Buck Black LCSW, LCAC

100 Saw Mill Road, Suite 3102
Lafayette, Indiana 47905

Mr. Warren Buffett
3555 Farnam Street
Suite 1440
Omaha, NE 68131

Dear Mr. Buffett,

Thank you for being a teacher and an amazing role model for our society.  I am a licensed therapist and Certified Financial Social Worker who helps couples with money problems, as well as anger, stress, and various relationship problems.  Each day, many of my clients insist in going into debt in order to buy things they cannot afford.  They think this will make them happy.  Often, they have difficulty believing that material things often bring unhappiness because they are liabilities and not assets.  When I hear you discuss how one car makes you happy and having five additional cars will not improve your satisfaction with life, that is a breath of fresh air.  When you talk about how you live, you are being such a great role model to others.

It was very refreshing to hear your statement that no one regrets working in a profession that helps others and earns a modest amount of money, compared to those who have made a great deal of money and regrets that they did not contribute to society.

Thank you again for all of your encouraging statements and great role modeling.

Buck Black LCSW, LCAC