Weisure is the term.  It refers to the mix of work and leisure.  Since virtually everyone is connected, it is so difficult to leave work at work.  Is it a bad thing?

Many say that work has become fun and is a huge joy in life.  Why not mix work and leisure? It could be more productive and satisfying.

I enjoy technology and am guilty of weisure on a regular basis.  However, balance is the key. If one obsesses over his or her work, this lack of relaxation is destructive.  It is important to be able to find a way to relax and enjoy life.  Remember that you work to live, instead of live to work.

Our mobile devices can be so fun, rewarding, and exciting to use.  It can be difficult to imagine life with out them.  What was it like the last time you left your phone behind?  Was it sheer panic when you discovered this mistake?  Now let me ask you this: When was the last time you wanted to throw your phone out the window because someone would not leave you alone or its just one of those days that everything is going wrong and you just want some peace?

I urge my clients to disable many of the sounds and notifications for their mobile devices.  There are plenty of times that I become nervous during a therapy session with all the dings, pings, bells, and whistles emanating from my client’s phone.  How can a person go through a day with alerts every few minutes or seconds and be able to concentrate on the task at hand.  Personally, my phone vibrates for a text and rings for a call.  That’s it!  I don’t feel like I have an electronic tether.  I’ll get the rest of my notifications when I look at my phone.

Let your mobile devices enhance your time off.  Use them to keep in touch with the office, but spend more time doing the things you want to do.  For example, maybe you can take more time off (by even staying at home) if you can respond to messages at predetermined times in the day.  That way you can use the rest of the day to relax at home, do a bit of traveling, or whatever else might be relaxing.

Remember: Leave work at work

  • Literally
    • Leave the paperwork behind.
    • Turn your phone off when you can, or at least disable some of the notifications
    • Use your mobile devices to have more freedom when you are away from work
  • Figuratively
    • Find positive things to concentrate on in your life, instead of dwelling on work issues while at home.
    • Spend plenty of time doing social activities.