Anger Management

Why am I so angry?
My wife is threatening to leave because of my anger.
I’ve got road rage!!
I might get fired because of my temper.

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Anger: A Natural Emotion

Everyone has anger. In fact, anger helps us to survive and can be a useful tool. However, when there are lost relationships, guilt, destruction of property, or trouble with the law as a result of anger, things have gone too far. If you can relate to any of these problems, or fear they will happen to you, keep reading about my anger management program.

What is Anger Management?

My Anger Management program is evidenced based. This means that it is based on a program that has been studied and has been shown to be effective for many clients. This program has both education (teaching anger management techniques) and therapy (finding the root of anger and addressing it directly).

Most people find themselves improving significantly by the sixth session. However, this strongly depends on your motivation and the amount of work done between our talks. It is very important to find the correct combination of education and therapy, so I cannot give an exact number of times a person would need to meet with me. Think of this as a “custom package.”


Client Population

Anyone who is tired of being angry, wants to get along with their loved ones, friends, and people at the workplace.

This is therapy that is aimed at helping the client understand why he or she is having angry feelings and has an education component.

What Anger Management is Not

This program is not simply education. Its emphasis on therapy provides an evidenced based model that often provides much more benefit compared to education alone.

Some of my thoughts on anger…

Honestly, it usually isn’t really about anger. Anger is a more complex set of emotions. I often tell my clients that they cannot describe themselves as being angry during a counseling session. Usually they are surprised and naturally enough, they may angerly argue with me. The reality is, there are deeper emotions that contribute to the anger. Such as, anxiety, stress, depression, relationship problems, and the possibility of a variety of other concerns.

It is amazing how I see anger reduce by getting enough sleep, exercising, and eating quality foods while minimizing consumption of junk food. Yes, I know that is what your grandmother told you.  However, I will tell you the same thing, along with some other ideas that would be more specific to your individual situation.

Sometimes, a person really needs to go through stress management counseling, marriage counseling, or therapy for a variety of other concerns and the anger will then take care of itself.

For a percentage of people, they have already had success in improving their lives and growing and still have anger. A classic anger management program would be ideal in this type of situation. So, nonetheless, we can do an assessment to see what the root of your anger is, if there is a biological component or if it is just lifestyle, old habits, or trauma that is contributing to this. It is possible to learn to express anger in an appropriate way.  Remember, anger is a natural emotion.

Most of my clients are just simply eating too much fast food, not sleeping enough, over scheduling themselves, and having things thrown at them they might very well be out of their control. Sometimes, my clients have more of a biological propensity to anxiety and or depression. If that is the case, we will do old fashioned psychotherapy to address these issues.

Nevertheless, whatever the concerns may be and reasons for them, there is a good chance that you could improve your situation significantly.

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